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.500 African Express Rifle

The specifications on this rifle are similar to the other Wesson style Boxlock rifles below, what sets it apart it the barrel. This rifle has a .500" Bore, .512" Groove, 1:24 twist, 28 inch barrel. In combination with the Swaging/Pre-rifling die it makes for a very accurate Rifle that can take a variety of cast bullets or allows the option of using premium jacketed or solid bullets. The Concept isn't new it is a modern variation of the Whitworth Bullet, where the bullet is rifled to match the barrel allowing for a precise mechanical fit at full groove diameter. The fast twist also allows for the use of standard size sabots opening up even more options in the .458 bullet diameter in both cast and premium jacketed and solid bullets.


Action is a E. Wesson Style Boxlock(casting by Pete Allan)
Barrel .500" bore, .512" Groove, 1:24" twist, 28" long Octagon to tapered round(with wedding band transition)
Stock English Walnut
All Iron Furniture
NECG Multi-leaf Rear Sight on a Quarterrib(this Sight and Rib are an optional extra)
Silver Caterpillar Front Sight on Ramp(this Sight and Base are an optional extra)
Weight 10 pounds and a few ounces
Leaf and Vine Engraving on the action and trigger guard(Engraving is optional)
Oil Finished wood(Checkering is also available)
Patina'ed rust blued metal finish(Other finished are available)




 Many other options are available in this style of rifle. Pricing starts at $1,500.00 USD for the field grade.


.50 Caliber E. Wesson Style Boxlock Muzzleloader


  • Action - Pete Allen Casting, E. Wesson Style Boxlock (1860-1870's caplock)
  • Barrel - .50 Caliber, 1:48 Twist, Octagon to wedding band transition to tapered round, 28-3/4" long
  • Stock - Red Maple w/ ebony forearm tip, stained with LMF Walnut and oil finished.
  • Furniture - All Iron.
  • Metal is Rust Blued.
  • Weight - 7 pounds 5 ounces.
  • Length of Pull - 13-3/4"
  • Drop at Comb - 1-3/4"
  • Drop at heel - 2-3/4"
  • Overall Length - 45-1/4"
  • Sights - Front fixed blade, Rear is a single notched "v".
  • Brass tipped Ramrod.
  • 1/4 - 28 nipple thread - uses #11 cap
This size of action can be barreled up to .62 caliber.