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Rates & Services

We are custom Muzzleloader makers, we can build just about any style of Muzzleloading Rifle or pistol with our specialty being Double Rifles and Big Bores. We don't have a set hourly rate for our custom rifle builds, since we don't have a standard model and each rifle is custom built to your specifications the prices vary greatly for each build. The reason for this is even though basic parts are usually priced the same, such as barrels, locks, etc... the quality of wood, the type of finish, the potential engraving desired, checkering and dozens of other options means that the price can vary greatly from one gun to the next.

As seen in some of our builds, we can build specialty actions from scratch. Because each one of these types of specialty builds is a one of a kind action there is no way to provide a set standard price for them.

The way we typically bid our builds is to work out a detailed description with you of what you want in the finished rifle. We then price out the materials, and bid our labor to achieve the finished product based on the exact work involved.

We are always happy to discuss a Custom build with you either via email or over the phone, all inquiries are welcome, and we don't consider anything out of place. We will consider building any type of Muzzleloader from the oldest Handgonnes to a specially designed just for you In-line, and every style in between.

We also do repair, restoration and modification work to Muzzleloader and some pre-1899 Cartridge firearms, for this type of work we can either bid your project, or we will work for an hourly shop rate of $25 - $45.00 per hour depending on the work to be performed.

We make custom accoutrements and muzzleloading accessories, such as jags, cleaning equipment, bullet swages, powder measures, etc...  These are bid individually for each project.

Thank You for considering us for your project or custom build.

Colin Stolzer