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Big Bore Muzzleloaders

We can custom build a Big Bore Muzzleloader for you, such as this 8 Bore Boxlock.

It has a 32" barrel, was built to the customers specification for length of pull, drop at comb, drop at heel, and cast off, as well as engraved to fit into the budget of the project. It weight almost 11 pounds. It was finished in a classic rust blue and oil. The wood is Curly Maple and was stained to the customer request, and was then oil finished and waxed. The ramrod is Rosewood with a steel button at one end and a steel tip that is thread for attachments at the other end.




 Testimonial from the owner of this 8 Bore:

"It looks and feels great!  I'm very happy with it.  Great packing job too!  I will have to get some balls cast and give it a try. Maybe use it on elk this fall. Thanks again for your great work.  It has been a pleasure." Lee, Idaho


Side By Side Muzzleloaders

This 500 Black powder Express rifle is custom fit to the owner. It has a 15 1/4" length of pull and weighs 11 pounds 8 ounces. The wood is Black Walnut, and is flat top checkered.

Every Part except the barrels and nipples were made in our fabrication shop from scratch, and was hand fitted.

The wood was hand finished with a multi-step process using Boiled linseed oil/turpentine, and Tung Oil.This is a fine hand finish, that has several fine sealing coats of Carnuba wax on top. Our finish on walnut is designed to give a lifetime of rugged use in harsh climates and conditions.

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