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The Hunter's Flintlock

The Objective:

I wanted a rifle that feels, weighs, handles and generally looks like one of my modern cartridge rifles but is still legal to hunt anywhere in the U.S. during muzzleloading season. It needs to have the classic lines of a later period English or American Sporting Rifle. Even in a bigger bore I want to keep the weight down to a reasonable amount. When hunting I carry my rifle a lot but I only shoot it a little so the recoil would have to be dealt with in other ways. It needs to have a very reliable and proven Lock preferably Chambers or R.E. Davis and the lock has to flow with the stock design. It needed to have a very clean trigger break without having to deal with set triggers and for legality in all 50 states it needs to have open iron sights. For me the caliber choice was simple, I consider the .62 Caliber(20 Bore) to be the best all around North American caliber. It is versatile enough to head shoot small game but powerful enough to hunt large game.


 The Results:

This is the rifle I built for myself but please read clear to the end to see all the option that can be done with this basic platform.

.62 Caliber 1:66" twist Colerain Barrel Slow twist for Patched Roundball. 32" long tapered.
R.E. Davis Jaeger Lock, the lock is held in by a single screw threaded into the tang/breechplug.
Pachmayr Decelerator Recoil Pad, I like steel buttplates but I plan to be shooting this for many years to come and as I get older I'm going to want to feel the recoil less and less..
The Trigger, Triggerguard and Grip Cap I made myself.
The stock is American Black Walnut with an ebony forearm cap.
The sights are from Track Of The Wolf - single leaf rear and a silver blade front.
The stock is oil finished and waxed to give a nice matte(low sheen).
The metal is rust blued and also done to a matte finish.
I don't like my hunting rifle to give off a lot of reflection.
To keep the weight down I didn't add an underrib or pipes and ramrod instead I made a multi-piece ramrod for my possibles bag.
Weight is 6 pounds 10 Ounces.

These are my personal choices in a Flintlock Hunting Rifle but this dedicated hunting rifle can be configured in many ways with many options available.



Available Options:

 Calibers - .32 to 8 Bore

Barrel length/profile - Up to 32" long, Straight Octagon(heavy), Tapered Octagon or Octagon to wedding band transition to tapered round or Tapered Round. $255.00 to $475.00 depending on caliber.

Lock - I recommend either the Chambers Jaeger or the R.E. Davis Jaeger because they lend them selves to the lines/flow of the pistol grip. Other locks can be used if you prefer a different style. For left handed shooter I can use a Siler Lock Makers Kit from Chamber to reproduce the Jaeger lock in a left handed configuration. $155.00

Stock - Walnut(American Black, Claro, Bastogne, Turkish, English, Circassian, etc.) Maple(White, Red) Ash or Cherry. The stock can be any grade from utility to exhibition grade. Stock prices vary greatly according to grade/quality/figure and species. Priced On Request.

Stock Options - Grip Caps(Ebony or other hardwood, Single or Double Screw Steel, Brass or Nickel/German Silver, solid or skeltonized) $10.00 to 45.00 Depending on style.

Cheek piece can be done in many styles or no cheek piece is also an option.

Forearm Tip - No tip, Ebony or other hardwood, poured pewter, steel, brass, or nickel/german silver tip. $10.00 to $50.00 Depending on material and style.

Buttplate - Pachmayr or other recoil pad, steel or brass solid or skeletonized. $18.00 to 125.00 Depending on Manufacturer/Style.

RamRod Options - Multi-piece brass rammrod with handle and threaded for accessories. If you want a solid ramrod attached to the rifle there are many option for pipes or underribs and pipes. Please contact us to discuss pricing and options.

Sling Mounts - $20.00 to 55.00 Depending on style.

Sights - Many styles of sights are available and will easily work with this style of rifle, everything from open sights to tang sights to even various options in scope mounts. Priced based on your preference.

Other Options - Checkering, Engraving, Wood Finish, and Metal Finish Including Color Case Hardening are all priced based on your personal preferences.

Accessories such as Ball or Bullet Molds, Patch cutter, Jags, bullet pullers, bullet drill, etc. can also be spec'd to your needs.


How Does Mine Shoot?


6" x 6" square the black circle is approx 2" diameter
100 yards, offhand, un-supported
120grs FFG Goex
4Fg pan Goex

.600 diameter 97% lead - 3% Antimony Roundball

.018" Pillowticking Veg Lube


Please Contact me with any questions or comments you might have on this dedicated Flintlock Hunting Rifle.


Prices are subject to change without notice.