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Finished 8 Bore Boxlock

8 Bore Boxlock M/L part 18

Posted on May 5, 2009 at 10:31 AM

Load development and sighting:

I went out to my range this morning while the weather was nice and calm. I started at 25 yrds working up a load, and then moved back to 60 yards for sighting in. 60 yards was the customers requested distance. Which is actually a very classic distance, 60 yards corresponds to the measurement of 10 rods which was a traditional British distance for big bore rifles.

The Target pretty much speaks for itself:


250 grains of FFG is a little on the light side for an 8 bore, but you'll notice it is sighted in a little low, this will give my customer the ability to work up to a heavier charge and bring it up to the bullseye.

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