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Finished 8 Bore Boxlock

8 Bore Boxlock M/L part 17

Posted on May 4, 2009 at 5:16 PM

I'll make a long story short here for those who have been following along with this build. I sent this out to be engraved because I felt that the wildlife was beyond my engraving skills, it was shipped the third week of January. The engraver I sent it to had other work in front of it and wasn't able to get to it for a few weeks. When the time came to engrave this action he had equipment problems, and needless to say the company providing him with replacement part made a considerable mess of getting him the correct parts and up until two weeks or so ago he was still broke down. I finally recieved it back today. He did an excellent job, and even embellish the engraving beyond the original drawings I sent. I would be out working up a load and sighting this in today but by the time I got it all back together the wind has picked up and it is sprinkling rain. Not the best weather for working up a load and sighting in a muzzleloader.

Without further ado or rambling on my part here's the pictures:


Left Side


Right Side


Top of the action



And then I engraved my signature on the top barrel flat in front of the rear sight base at the customers request.

Photobucket Hopefully tomorrow the weather will cooperate and I can get the sight work finished and then on to the bluing. My customer has been very patient with the several months delays in getting this project finished and I know he will be anxious to get it.

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