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2 Bore Jones Underlever Black Powder Cartridge Double Rifle
"The Double Deuce"

The Specifications:

2 Bore (1.326")

Action - Left Handed Jones Rotary Underlever(1859 patent) with Dolphin Shaped Back Action Locks(Stalking Safeties and Intercepting sears. Extractor(non ejector).

Barrels - 30" long, 1:48" twist.

Stock - Sugar Maple, very hard, very dense, plain figured, straight grained. Stained to customers specifications. Oil Finished.

Checkering - 22 Lines Per Inch, Semi-Flattop

Forearm with Ebony tip.

Stock Dimensions were fitted to the customers measurements.

2 Screw Gripcap

Pachmayr Decelerator recoil pad.

NECG Multi-Leaf Express Sight in a Quarterrib, Front Sight is Silver Caterpillar.

4 - 13oz. Mercury Recoil Reducers in the Buttstock

Metal Finish - Action, Triggerguard, Gripcap, Underlever, Locks and Hammers are Color Case Hardened. Barrels, Sights and Swivels are Rust Blued. Screws are Nitre Blued.

 Finished Weight is 44 pounds.

Right side full view

 Left Side Full View with the 2 Bore Pistol "Lil Deuce" and Ammunition

 Action Open, Hammers at Full Cock Position


Bottom of the Action and Triggerguard

 Top of Action and Quarterrib

 Gripcap and Sling Swivel

 Buttstock with Cheek Piece


Ebony Forearm TIp, Underrib and Sling Swivel

 Dolphin Shaped Back Action Lock with Stalking Safety


 Closer view of Action, Forearm with Eschuteons and Key, 2 Bore Muzzleloading Pistol and 2 Bore S&H Brass

 Size Comparison to a 450-400 3"(top view)

 Size Comparison to a 450-400 3"(Bottom view)

 Size Comparison to a 450-400 3"(Standing view and Muzzles)

This Rifle was built to the Customer Specification, I would recommend some changes to anyone considering this rifle. The first change would be the length and profile of the barrels, I would recommend shortening the length to 24" and I would also recommend tapering the barrels to a slim profile down to the muzzles, this would reduce the weight considerably. It would also mean putting less weight in the buttstock to counter balance the rifle. Overall I think that would change the finished weight by approximately 12 pounds down to a 32 pound rifle. I would also recommend a darker stain to give the stock a more classic appearance. The Comb on this rifle is quite wide and was done that way at the customers request, I would recommend a more traditional comb.

Below you will find the link to the video series I posted on my blog and on Youtube documenting this build from start to finish. The series is 40 videos and is approximately 9 hours and 40 minutes of total viewing time(over 10 hours if you include the shooting videos).

2 Bore Jones Underlever "The Double Deuce" Part 1

 In the bottom right corner of each post is a "newer posts" button that will take you through the whole series.


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